Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 Days Cigarette Free!

Today marks my 31st day of no cigarettes, and my body is indeed grateful. I am actually quite astonished at the ease in which myself and my significant other were able to give up the deed. It only strengthens my belief that this is a crucial year for change for us.

I wish I could give some detailed description as to how we managed to quit, but we both quit cold turkey. The only methods I can really say we used involved exercise and changing our thought process. Whenever I would feel myself struck with a craving I used advise given by a friend, and would tell myself that I didn’t smoke anymore. My partner and I reiterated this with each other as well, each morning before parting for the day we would remind each other that we no longer smoked cigarettes. This really combated the urge and helped me to avoid any serious cravings.

There were moments, however, where the power of my thoughts were not quite enough. It is in these cases when I would throw on some sneakers, load the baby in the stroller, and grab the dog to escape outside for a quick paced walk. Being outside and getting my blood moving really helped to ease any tension that I had been feeling. Plus I could hardly deny that I was feeling healthier, even after just a few days of no smoking it seemed as though my lungs were already absorbing air better. This feeling within myself worked to bolster my motivation, and make me even more determined to stay strong and better my health for myself as well as my family.

Thirty-one days gone by, and I feel confidant that my significant other and I have kicked this dirty habit. We may still face a few challenges, especially from being around friends and others who do smoke, but I know we have the power to stay strong. As I have said before, this is the year for change for us, and it is just the first of many things that we will have to find the strength and courage to face.

Within us lies the world--quietly waiting for her chance to come alive through our actions--I am determined to see her live…

Here’s to the power of positive thinking!

Blessed Be,

The Pagan Mom.

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