Friday, January 25, 2013


This year I will make the life I want for myself.
I know it’s a little late, but it is still January so I thought I would start my blog off with a list of the goals I’ve set for myself this year. This year is going to be big for me, I can feel it in my gut. It is the year for change. The year for taking the steps I know I must to accomplish my dreams--good things are coming.
1. Write, Write, Write!
This is perhaps one of the most important goals for me to follow if I wish to see my dreams come to fruition. It is obvious that the only way to become a professional writer (my biggest dream) is to write, and write often. Starting this blog is part of my commitment to this goal. It will allow me to share my voice and my words, and to help me build confidence in myself and my capabilities.
As well as this blog, I intend to publish at least two articles a month on HubPages, which is a good outlet for my non-fiction writing, and carries the potential for future revenue. Also--and I may be starting to stretch myself a bit thin here, but I want to challenge myself--I will begin to compile a collection of short stories, and eventually submit them to various magazines and contests for publication.

2. Exercise Regularly, and Tone My Abs!
My goal to tone my tummy is simply for the fact that I am still young, and my body is still capable of doing so. Since I have never had a toned stomach, I do not want to let my opportunity slip by and never achieve that experience. This is why I have committed myself to doing a few stomach exercises each day, and I am eager to see how my commitment will pay off.
As far as regular exercise goes, this is less for my vanity, and more for my health. Being strong and healthy is important to me, and I want my daughter to grow up knowing its importance, and hopefully be encouraged by my example. My goal is to walk a half hour to an hour 2-3 times a week.
3. Make the most out of my time!
For too long I have held myself back from certain commitments because of the fear that I would fail. I don’t expect enough from myself, and often take the easier road. It has been a long time since I have faced challenge and pressed myself to the limit, but I know that now I must, if I hope to move forward in achieving my goals.
Though it may be difficult, I know that if I work hard I can accomplish all that I hope to. I have the power to be a good attentive mother and supporting partner. Within me I hold the capability to succeed in school, to keep my home clean, and cook healthy meals. I know it’s a little cheesy, but my latest mantra has become "I am Super Mom." Whenever I start to doubt myself, I repeat this over and over in my head, and it motivates me to keep going, and not to doubt myself.
4. Penny pinch and save money!
Need I say more? This year I am determined to save money, and to penny pinch in any way I can. It’s time for me to get thrifty and creative so I can build up some savings, because, although I hate to admit it, it is hard to get anywhere in our society without the almighty dollar--well actually--many almighty dollars.

Well that’s it, the goals that I am determined to accomplish this year. This list can also be seen as a vague idea of the sort of topics you can expect to find in my blog--with a Pagan twist of course--as well as more on positive thinking. So if your looking for an upbeat and motivating read with an earthy feel, then your in the right place. Thanks for reading!
-The Pagan Mom

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